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How much does it cost to have your gutters cleaned?
Well, it's time to get the gutters cleaned again. You've peeked out that one window where you can see into the gutters and it looks like a train wreck in there! Most everyone knows that gutter cleaning is an essential part of home maintenance, but how much does it cost to have a company come out and clean them out? Also, what is involved in the process? What questions should I be asking? How often should I have my gutters cleaned? Let's take a look at some of these.
Common Ways Of Giving Quotes
In the Atlanta, GA market, the average cost for a residential gutter cleaning service can range from $85 all the way up to $300. This range covers most houses but for an average 2 story home plan on paying about $150. The most common way a contractor will figure pricing is over the phone by asking you a few questions about your home. For example, they might ask how many stories is your home, how many square feet is your home, how many linear feet of gutter do you have, how many gutter sections do you have, what type of roofing shingles are on your home, do you have any gutter screens or gutter covers, or any combination of these. The problem with this quoting system is that most homeowners do not know the exact answers to these questions so a lot of guesswork goes into the quote and the price can change once they get out to the house, or the quote is very vague with a large range.
We use a proprietary system that pulls all kinds of information about your home from several different databases and allows us to skip all the guesswork and questions so we can give you a very accurate online gutter cleaning quote.  Get one now!
What Determines The Price
If a contractor has been in business long enough they will know approximately how long it will take them to get the gutters cleaned based on the answers to your questions. The low end of the scale is usually reserved for the one story "walkable" home, so that one person could easily get on the roof, walk the gutter line and clean out the gutters. This is the type of house that the yard man can easily do, or the homeowner can get done in a couple of hours on a weekend. Most Atlanta homes are multi-storied, with steep roofs, and a lot of gutter line. These homes cannot be cleaned from a ladder due to the fact that many of the gutters cannot even be reached without getting on the roof. This is where it is necessary to make sure that you hire a gutter cleaning company that specializes strictly in gutter cleaning. Saftey is a major factor in the pricing because at least 2 people must be used to clean the gutters, speciality rope and harness equipment must be used, and the job is difficult physically and dangerous. Plan on paying $150 to $300 depending on the size of the house and roofing material. Slate, cedar shake, and tile roofs will add 2 to 3 times to the price because of the difficulty and liability in moving around on these types of surfaces.
Things To Watch Out For
1. Hiring a "do it all" handyman to clean the gutters. They are usually not going to be able to get the job done on most houses because of the roof being too steep or their ladders not being tall enough. Also, they will be very inefficient and most handymen charge by the hour, so not good for your pocketbook!
2. Make sure the gutter cleaning company you hire also cleans out the downspouts! Some charge extra believe it or not.
3. No standing on the ground cleaning the gutters with a vaccum contraption. It does not get everything out and does not address clogged downspouts.
4. Understand what the company plans on doing with the gutter debris.
5. Only hire a company that specializes in gutter cleaning. Don't have your window cleaners or pressure washing guy clean out the gutters. They are not going to inspect the gutter system to make sure it's working properly, their insurance most likely will not cover gutter cleaning injuries, and they might not even be able to complete the job without special equipment used only for gutter cleaning.
6. Insurance: Make sure they carry Workers' Compensation and General Liability insurance.
7. Make sure they have a great reputation by checking out review websites.
8. Check their BBB report.